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August 2024

An Advanced Course on Implant Placement and Bone Grafting on Cadavers

Instructors: Dr. Shankar Iyer and Dr. Bernee Dunson


Dates: August 23-25, 2024

Fri-Sat: 8am - 5pm

Sun: 8am - 3pm

Course Fee:


24 CE Credit Hours

Includes Didactic Scientific Learning

and Hands-on Practical Training 

Location: YM Dental Lab

14100 Park Meadow Dr, Chantilly, VA 20151

*Continental Breakfast and Lunch provided Fri/Sat; Breakfast Sunday

​Course Description:

Gain confidence in implant placement and bone grafting with thorough hands-on training exercises on cadavers. This advanced bone grafting program provides invaluable experience and helps you gain a solid foundation in the principles and techniques of implant surgery. During this course, you will learn about and have the opportunity to do hands-on exercises covering immediate placement, sinus grafts, ridge expansion, block grafts, all on x and principles of remote anchorage.


This course provides a safe and controlled environment for hands-on learning, allowing participants to gain confidence while practicing and refining their skills using cadaver specimens. Our experienced instructors will guide you through various surgical techniques and provide valuable insights and feedback to help you improve your proficiency in implant dentistry.


Join us for an immersive learning experience that will elevate your confidence and take your implant surgery skills to the next level.



All registrations are non-refundable.


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